Studio Lighting Set Up

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After struggling for years with lighting YouTube videos in winter I decided to invest in this very affordable lighting set up. My whole set up is under $200 and I’ve purchased one or two bits at a time over the course of a year.

This softbox is my main light source for indoor YouTube videos. I’d say this is a very good value for the price ($39!) but there are definitely some caveats to buying such a cheap light.

1. There is no way to adjust the light level. It is on or off. The bulb included is also too bright for my small room so I picked up one with less wattage. I will link to it below.

2. It isn’t very sturdy. The whole light wobbles when extended to its full height to I started using this softbox on a sturdier light stand I already had on hand.

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I shoot my indoor vlogs in a small room so I didn’t need the bright bulb that came with the Limo Studios softbox. I picked up this softer 65W bulb (compared to 105W) and am very happy with this light level.

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I mount this Lowell Ego Tabletop Light to use as a fill light opposite the large softbox. Honestly, I did not like this for tabletop lighting (too many shadows) but it is working nicely as a fill light.

I originally purchased this lightstand to hold a reflector, but have since started using it with my new softbox. It is metal and slightly sturdier than the one that came in the lighting kit. I want to upgrade to an even sturdier C-Stand, but this is working for now.

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I’ve also started experimenting with gels to control the light temperature. This is something we did a lot in theatre, but I hadn’t considered for video until recently. Right now I use this gel on my main light source and this gel on my fill light (temporarily taped over the light source.)

If you have more to invest you may want to purchase some sturdier lights, but this is a great entry level set up. You could also use two softboxes instead of the Lowel Ego. I was just using what I already had on hand.

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