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One of the questions I am most frequently asked is what camera gear I use. So I’ve put together this list.

I upgraded to the Canon 80D in 2017 for its video capabilities. Once I found out this camera could be controlled through an iPhone app I was sold! It’s perfect for YouTube and self portraits because you can see live framing, and adjust focus and exposure directly within the app.

(Just a heads up that while the Canon 70D can use the same app it cannot control video. So that is why I chose the 80D.)

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My main lens the 50mm 1.8.

It is the first lens I bought and is a fantastic lens for a good value. Great for low light and shallow depth of field. The autofocus is also very smooth for video.

One caveat (as Nikon user switching to Canon) is that the focus ring just feels… off. Because it is motorized there is a slight delay from what you would feel with a traditional manual focus lens. Still getting used to this and considering investing in a vintage 50mm lens for photo.

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Next I added the 24mm 2.8 as my second lens. I chose a wide angle because I wanted to shoot overhead tutorials without extending my tripod all the way to the ceiling.

I am loving prime lenses these days because they are so compact. I can travel with these two lenses and get some great travel photography without lugging around a bunch of heavy gear.

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My travel vlogging camera is the Canon G7X.

It may be small and portable, but it packs a big punch! It is great in low light and has fantastic image quality.

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After years of struggling with DIY overhead rigs I finally purchased the Manfrotto 190 Go.

Honestly, this was a bit of an investment, but I one I am glad I made. It is very sturdy and has a built in extension arm to help with shooting overhead. It can still be a little bit fussy, but this tripod helps A LOT.

I have found that I need to add a weight for balance when the arm is fully extended. I don’t have any sandbags yet so I use this heating pad.

The ball head is very versatile and allows me to point the camera exactly where I want it. So refreshing after fighting and fighting with my $20 plastic tripod.

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