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Cheap Wacom Alternative


I had no idea that digital tablets were becoming so affordable. I chose this Turcom brand tablet becuase it has similar sensitivity to a Wacom for a lower price point. It’s also pretty large for the price and has lots of programmable buttons! I am loving this so far.


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This is the lightbox I used to design the Camp Kindle logo. I created it by layering a fresh sheet of paper over the hand carved logo. Then I painted several different watercolor versions and combined my favorites in Photoshop to make the final logo.

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When I started scanning my watercolor artwork I found that it really matters what scanner you use! My printer / scanner combo wasn’t picking up all of the details and color range so I switched to this. You still have to do a little tweaking, but the scan is much better quality! It also scans much more quickly at high res, which I am loving for archival scans as well.

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